In Press

Int. J. Pharm. Investigation. Vol. 10, Issue 3 (2020): In Press


Nanostructured Lipid Carriers (NLC): A Targeting Approach to the Brain via Intranasal Administration
Swatantra K.S. Kushwaha, Neelottama Kushwaha, Bushra Fatma, and Piyush Pandey

Three Dimensional Printing by Hot-Melt Extrusion; New Era for Development of Personalized Medicines and Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals
Amit Chivate, Atul Garkal, Namdev Dhas, and Tejal Mehta

Pharmaceutical Co-crystals: A Systematic Review
Puneeth J., Preethi Sudheer

A Review On Regulatory Requirements To Prevent Counterfeit Drugs In India
Mourya Mamtashanti, Jadav Rahul, and Thummar Kashyap

Microsponges: A De Novo Method for Colon Targeted Oral Drug Delivery
Kuralla Hari and Sunkara Sai Prathyusha


Mebeverine Hydrochloride Loaded Chitosan Microspheres as Potential Treatment Targeting Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Box-Behnken Design Optimization
Azza Hasan, Rasha Samir, Samir Abu-Zaid, and Amr Abu Lila

Development and Validation of RP-HPLC Method for the Estimation of Nilotinib in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Dosage form
Archana Barla, Poluri Venkata Madhavi Latha And Kiran Kumar Buralla

The Formulation and Evaluation ofGastro-Bilayer Floating Tablets ofLosartan PotassiumAs Immediate Release Layer And Ramipril Hydrochloride As Sustained Release Floating Layer
Syed Iftequar Ahmed

A Smart Approach for Delivery of Nanosized Phenytoin using Biomaterial Isolated from Fragaria ananassa
Sushant Kumar, N.V. Satheesh Madhav, Anurag Verma, and Kamla Pathak

Silibinin Loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles: Effect of Different Surfactants And Lipids on Physicochemical Properties of Nanoparticle
Mihir Raval, Priya Patel, and Navin Sheth

Film Forming, Antimicrobial And Growth Promoting Wound Healing Spray Formulation
Rupali Kale, Dattatray Doifode, and Pratiksha Shete

Adsorption Equilibrium and Thermodynamic Studies of Ciprofloxacin from Aqueous Solutions by magnetic Bentonite nanocomposites
Davoud Balarak, Marzieh Baniasadi, Maryam Bazzi, and Kethineni Chandrika

Chromatographic Fingerprinting and Quantitative Analysis of Marker in the Extract of Gloriosa superba Tubers Collected from Some Region of Chhattisgarh
Rakesh Tirkey and Swarnlata Saraf

Formulation and Evaluation of Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate Mucoadhesive Buccal Tablet
Mohammad Ali Daneshmehr, Hilda Adibpour, and Zahra Ataie

Homology Modelling and In silico Characterization of laccase from Lentinula edodes
Vemula Vani, Jayashree D J, Navya K S, and Syeda Tanzeela Zaman

Assessment of Immunostimulating Effect of Carica Papaya-Based Immunostimulatory Complexes against Streptococcus Pneumoniae Infections
Tamunotonye Abel Briggs, Angus Nnamdi Oli, Ebere Innocent Okoye, Ayokunnumi Funke Obajuluwa, Chinelo Kene Ezejiegu, Chijioke Maxwell Ofomata, and Gordon C Ibeanu

Synergistic Interaction of Natural Snail Mucin and Lincomycin for Immuno-Chemotherapy against Streptopneumococcal Infection: Checkerboard Evaluations.
Thaddeus H. Gugu, Restus C. Onwusoba, Patrick N. Onyi, and Angela C. Ozioko 

Bioinorganic Chemistry Of Co (II) And Mn (II) Complexes
V.K. Srivastava

Evaluation of Antiurolithiatic Potential of Piper Cubeba Dried Fruits on Sodium Oxalate Induced Urolithiasis in Rats
S. Suman and S.V. Suresh Kumar

Brain Targeted Delivery Of Rizatriptan Using Glutathione Conjugated Liposomes Through Transmucosal Nasal Route
Rahul Ravindra Padalkar and Ashwini Raghavendra Madgulkar