In Press

Int. J. Pharm. Investigation. Vol. 11, Issue 1 (2021): In Press


Nano-Drug Delivery in Periodontics
Pradeep Kumar Yadalam, Deepavalli Arumuganainar, Rajapandian Kasipandian, and Kalaivani Varatharajan

4-Aminoantipyrine analogues: Design, Synthesis and Molecular Docking studies as Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant agents
Yasar Qazi and Zahid Zaheer


Compositional Characterization of Biosurfactant Produced from Pseudomonas aeruginosa ENO14-MH271625 and Its Application in Crude Oil Bioremediation
Ekramul Haque

Validated HPTLC Method to Estimate Silymarin in Marketed Herbal Formulation
Sharada L Deore, Bhushan A Baviskar, Somshekhar S Khadabadi, Anjali A Kide, Hrutuja P Tidke, and Bhavana A Shende

The Effect of Co-Administration Rotenone and Crocin on Biochemical and Histopathological Changes in Rat᾽s Kidney
Hossein Najafzadehvarzi, Amin Maghamifar, and Seyedmohammad Hossaini

Cinnoline Derivatives as Antibacterial agent and Antimycobacterial Agent: Synthesis, Microbial Evaluation and Molecular Docking Study
Prashanthi Evangelin

From Biowastes to Potent Anticancer Leads Evaluation from Peel of Zingiber officinale Linn.
Shaileyee Chain Das

Application of Green Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized Using Leaf Extract of Tridax procumbens for Preparation of Clinical Antimicrobial Bandages
Vitthal Chopade and Diksha S. Kamble

Influence of the Home Cooking Practices on the Bioactive Components of Two Important Edible Herbs- Amaranthus viridis and Amaranthus tricolor
Debleena Roy, Renia Mullick, Namrata Chakraborty, Jayeesha Ghosh, Debapriya Das, Bidisha Mallick and Dipu Samanta

Formulation and Evaluation of Topical Proniosomal Gel of Ciclopirox for Antifungal Therapy
Suvarnalata Mahajan, Rajesh Chaudhari, and Vijay Patil

Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase Detection of Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamases (ESBLs) producing Enterobacteriaceae family from UTI Patients
Moorthy M Marimuthu

Thermodynamic Study of Amoxicillin and Naphthalene Adsorption on Activated Carbon Derived from Salvadora persica
Shaziya Haseeb

Important Insight of Hypothetical Proteins from E. faecium Strain 13-022, the Drug Targeted Virulent Big-1 Adhesins: An in silico approach
Ekramul Haque, Brindangnanam Pownraj

Development And Evaluation Of Acyclovir Loaded Poly Lactic-Co-Glycolic Acid Nanoparticles For Ocular Drug Delivery
Harshal Dilip Mahajan

Effects of Operational Parameters on the Removal of Tetracycline from Aqueous Solutions by Electrocoagulation
Gupta Dahi

Neuroprotective Effect of P38 MAPKs Inhibitor (Sb239063) and Vitamin B12 against Lipopolysaccharides-Induced Neuroinflammation
Ashish Kumar Verma and Mamta F. Singh


In vitro Cytotoxic and Antioxidant activities of Careya arborea root extracts
Bandenawaz Ramdurga, Rakesh Kumar Jat, and Shrishailappa Badami